Davy's Picture

I am Davy!

Here is davy.tw, my homepage.

I'm a programmer. Usually develop with C/C++, C#, Ruby (oh, my love), Crystal, and some web-related languages, PHP, HTML/CSS, Javascript (or CoffeeScript).

What did I do?

I have given some small talks in some conferences, and these are the bio of me:

  1. I am a student majoring in MIS at National Central University, Taiwan now.
  2. Contributing in Community of Network and Open Source, NCU now.
  3. Contributing in Crystal-TW now.
  4. A part-time worker, developing Rails application, at Sharelike Inc. now.
  5. A part-time worker, web development and server management, at Computer Center, NCU 2014-2017.
  6. A part-time worker, React Native application development, at Skyyer Mobild Limited 2016-2017.
  7. A part-time worker, Chief software engineer, at GrinnoDot Inc. 2016.
  8. A speaker at CS5470 Open Source Software and Culture, NTHU in 2016 spring.
  9. A part-time worker, Android application and web development, at Library, NCU 2014-2015.
  10. A speaker at SITCON 2014.
  11. A speaker at SITCON 2013.

These are my treasure : )

Here are some of my projects:

  1. Theogony, a PHP framework I given a talk about at SITCON 2013.
  2. Kuroba, a guestbook system written in PHP with Theogony.
  3. 2048-history (Taiwan flavored), a 2048 game with the history of Taiwan.
  4. Tomorrow Night Bright theme for Fish shell, my favorite color scheme/theme. <3
  5. TreeLogging, a Bukkit plugin that can makes logging trees more naturally.
  6. NSCD (as short as Need Some Cool Description), a project & group member management system written in Ruby based on Rails.
  7. Omniauth::NCUPortalOpenID, an Omniauth provider on NCU Portal Login
  8. Docker-Luffa, dockerlize the project Luffa
  9. MaterialPlurk, a Plurk theme.
  10. NCU.one, an URL shortener service.

You can find me by...

That's all. If you wanna cantact me, or make a friend with me, the following links may help you.

  1. Github, my projects here.
  2. Speaker Deck, all slides of my talks.
  3. Facebook, for my news sharing and personal murmur.
  4. Twitter, but I tweet seldom..
  5. Plurk, my favorite SNS platform, and often talk on this.
  6. LinkedIn, I am still trying how to use.

Or you can reach me via email, me [at] davy.tw. : )

Speacial thanks

The webfont is Ubuntu, by Dalton Maag, under Ubuntu Font Licence 1.0, and webfont service is provide by Google. The background is provided by Heliodor jalba and Subtle Patterns.